In nearly every culture around the world, gift giving is part of the love and marriage ritual. It’s the thoughtfulness and the intention behind the gesture that means the most, your special someone receives a deep and enduring affirmation of their value.

Homer Hudson based his formula for optimum happiness on 1. find out what the people want 2. give them a lot of it. Romance is created with the prettiest bouquet of Lindt blooms, Moet & Chandon French Champagne, Chocolatier pure indulgence assorted chocolates, Homer Hudson's passion impetuous artisan dessert and two pints of honest-to-goodness universal indulgence formula..they’ve never experienced anything like it.

Hamper contains: Moet & Chandon NV Champagne 750ml, Delicious Buds Lindt Surprise Bouquet, Passion Impetuous artisan dessert hand crafted by Homer Hudson 125ml, Dreamy Vanilla super premium ice cream 473ml, Choc Chunk Cookie Dough super premium ice cream 473ml, Chocolatier Pure Indulgence Dark Chocolates 40gm, Insulated Hamper Bag 9 Litre.